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 Заголовок сообщения: Hosts win with jersey ball and face Australia or India on Su
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Skill, nerve and tension merged together here in a crescendo that played Cameron Wake Womens Jersey the emotions like a banjo, providing a dramatic climax to a semi-final that rivalled any other nerve-shredder in any sport, anywhere.England triumphed by two wickets with two balls to spare, when Anya Shrubsole, face of fury, head in the freezer, struck her first ball through extra cover for four to break South African hearts. Her partner at the other end, Jenny Gunn, unbeaten on 27, told Shrubsole to wait for an off-cutter. Instead the No10 walked down the pitch, threw her hands into a drive and booked England into a spot in the sold-out Lord’s final on Sunday.South Africa, opting to bat first, posted 218 thanks to a drive-heavy 66 from the 18-year-old sensation Laura http://www.miamidolphinsauthorizedstore.com/cameron-wake-jersey Wolvaardt. It was the seventh half-century of a career that many have already pegged as one to rival the Australia captain, Meg Lanning, currently regarded as the best with the bat there ever was. An exceptional 76 by the former captain Mignon du Perez, who saw things through to the end of the 50 overs, was the only other contribution of note. At the time it seemed under par and that proved correct – just.That the game got this close owes much to South Africa’s trial by spin and tight seam-bowling – Ayabonga Khaka the pick of them with 10 overs returning two for 28. England’s own bedlam deserves some of that credit with a near-terminal collapse that spanned the Bart Starr 33rd and 34th overs. In 12 balls Sarah Taylor was run out by her captain, Heather Knight, who then slapped a full toss from the leg-spinner Suné Luus straight to square-leg. Then, moments later, Natalie Sciver was bowled round her legs.But now the full selection meeting that takes place at the end of the week will revolve around which of the uncapped trio comes into the squad.Stoneman, 30, would appear the frontrunner on his new home ground, having compiled three Championship hundreds this year since his winter move from Durham, as well as two half-centuries against South Africa A in what was the opener’s first match for the England Lions.However, the England coaching staff are keen that Keaton Jennings is given a continued run as Alastair Cook’s opening partner – his first home summer has brought double figures just once – meaning Malan and Westley will certainly be part of the debate.Malan has averaged in the mid-40s over the past four Championship seasons and is a favourite http://www.packersnflofficialprostore.com/AUTHENTIC+BLAKE+MARTINEZ+JERSEY of the Lions head coach, Andy Flower, as mainstay of the second string in the past 18 months. The 29-year-old also impressed Trevor Bayliss with his handling of Morkel when making a 48-ball 78 on his Twenty20 international debut in Cardiff in June. Westley, unlike his two rivals, is a right-hander and would thus break up England’s left-hand dominated lineup. The 28-year-old has also been a heavy domestic run-scorer in the past three seasons and can point to having already scored a first-class century against South Africa from No3 this summer with his unbeaten 106 for the Lions at New Road.While Bayliss had endorsed the continuation of Ballance and Jennings after Trent Bridge, the England head coach will be a weakened vote on the selection panel when it comes to Al Jefferson Authentic Jersey choosing the former’s replacement – his county knowledge remains thin some two years into the role.James Whitaker, Angus Fraser and Mick Newell will be relied on, with Root also a key voice if not officially given a vote, with Bayliss admitting: “It’s happened before, where, if we select a guy and I haven’t seen him, you’ve always got in the back of your mind a little bit of: ‘Well, is he or isn’t he?’ You’ve just got trust the other selectors and some of the senior players we might speak to.”England’s other injury doubt, Mark Wood, has been given the all-clear over any major damage after suffering bruising to his left heel at Trent Bridge. But one wicket in four innings this series has not been the impact expected of him so the Durham quick may well find himself carrying the drinks anyway in the third Test with Toby Roland-Jones handed a debut.Liam Dawson remains the puzzle in England’s lineup but one that is likely to remain in place. His initial call-up, as a spin-bowling all-rounder at No8, owed much to the absence of Chris Woakes; had the Warwickshire seamer not suffered a side strain last month, then Woakes’s proficiency with the bat would have seen a more specialist spinner selected.Whether England require six bowlers is open to debate but it is clear that Bayliss and Root consider Moeen Ali a batsman first, off-spinner second, after his four centuries last summer. Dropping him back to No8 – the role he performed in the series wins over Australia and South Africa in 2015 – and playing the extra batsman is a possibility.But asked about this prospect, Bayliss replied: “As a batter, I’d have the shits having to bat at No8. It’s almost a waste having eight batters in the team. He had some success there but in a way, that’s papering over the cracks a little, it’s saying we’re not confident with our batting lineup. The simple fact is we’ve got to do better with the bat.”

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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: Hosts win with jersey ball and face Australia or India o
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